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Spring Break is over, now what?

Just a quick check in to let you know what’s happening this week. Staff will be working together to come up with plans to continue providing learning opportunities for our students. This will be challenging and your patience is greatly appreciated. You can expect to hear from your teacher/teachers towards the end of this week and you will be receiving a phone callout later today. There is a lot of conflicting information so please use this website and/or our Facebook page to stay up to date on what’s happening in our Bert Bowes community. The district website also continues to post up to date information from the Ministries of Education and Health. Staying connected is really important right now and we are here to help support our students and families.

Final Week Before the Break

Just a quick note to parents that this week will have an alternate bell schedule attached to Wednesday and Thursday, as teachers will host Parent-Teacher Interviews. The schedule is posted below:

Grade 7

TimeMarch 11 Day 1March 12 Day 2
8:45 (5)Warning BellWarning Bell
8:50-9:50 (60)11   8:50-9:50 (60)
9:50-9:55 (5)AM Class ChangeAM Class Change
9:55-10:55 (60)2  2   9:55-10:55 (60)
10:55-11:40 (45)LUNCH10:55-11:37 (42) LUNCH
11:40-11:45(5)PM Class Change11:42-11:57 (15) Gr.7 TAG
11:45-12:30 (45)3 and Locker Cleaning 3   12:02-1:02 (60)
12:30-2:07Talent Show4    1:07 – 2:07 (60)

Grade 8 and 9

TimeMarch 11 Day 1March 12 Day 2
8:45 (5)Warning BellWarning Bell
8:50-9:50 (60)18:50-9:05 Gr.8/9 TAG
9:50-9:55 (5)AM Class Change1   9:10-10:10(60)
9:55-10:55 (60)210:10-10:15 Class Change
10:55-11:40 (45)LUNCH2    10:15-11:15 (60)
11:40 – 11:45 (5)PM Class Change11:15-11:57(42) LUNCH
11:45-12:30 (45)3 and Locker Cleaning3     12:02-1:02(60)
12:30-2:07Talent Show4      1:07-2:07 (60)

Those families departing for their holidays earlier than Friday are asked to update the office for attendance purposes. Thank you for your help with this!

Hockey At Noon – Playoff Schedule

The long-awaited Hockey At Noon -Playoff Schedule is as follows: Grade 7 Green vs Blue (Monday) and Gold vs Red (Tuesday). Grade 8/9 Gold vs Blue (Monday) and Green vs Red (Tuesday). The Bulldog Cup will be awarded following the final game on Friday – teams will be announced on Tuesday end-of-day announcements after teams have played!

Student Learning Survey – Parent Responses

Student Learning Survey 2019/2020

The Provincial Student Learning Survey is unique in its scope, size and usefulness to schools. It gathers information from parents, teachers and students on topics related to school environment, safety, and achievement. The information is used for planning in individual schools and provides a district and provincial perspective.

Early in 2020 (and ending at midnight on April 3rd) the Student Learning Survey will be administered to students in grades 7, any parents of BBMS, and all school staff. We encourage parents to participate in this survey, as the results are important in identifying and celebrating current strengths, as well as determining where the school needs to focus improvement. The surveys contain standard questions for the Province – in addition, questions from the school and/or district that focus on local conditions or issues may be included.

The survey can be completed electronically and can be accessed on the Internet at http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/sat_survey. Any computer with an Internet connection can be used, and access to the e-survey is simple and secure. The survey can be accessed through the link and the Direct access section of the log in page by selecting the school district and school name. Provincial, District and School Reports for previous years can be viewed at the same site under the Results section.
The Student Survey can be completed at home as well using their 9 digit Personal Education Number (PEN). The PEN will be available on their report cards which will be issued on Thursday, March 5th.

Being Neighbourly

It’s been brought to our attention that vehicles are continuing to prevent customers from accessing neighbouring businesses, and tenants from entering or exiting their parking spaces. If it’s not crucial for you to pick up your student immediately at the dismissal bell, please consider coming 10 or 15 minutes after.
Bylaw has reached out to us and will be dispatching officers to school sites that continue to have negative impacts on their neighbours. Thank you in advance for your cooperation…and for being neighbourly:)