Open House

Bert Bowes will be hosting an open house this Wednesday, September 18th from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. We invite you to come in and meet your student’s teacher(s), tour the school and meet the new administration. We look forward to seeing you.

Bert Bowes Community~Fundraising for the Cayford Family

Adaura is a sister to one of our students AND a future Bulldog!!!

Please see the attached poster and sponsorship letter for the upcoming fundraiser (Click on the image to make it larger).

If anyone is wanting to donate baked goods or anything else to this event please feel free to contact Lisa Johnson at Canada West Land & H3M Environmental (250-787-1112 ext. 333)

Also if anyone knows or perhaps is a face painter who would like to participate at this event please contact Lisa.

Want to know more about the PAC?

The SD 60 District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) is hosting a fall workshop called PAC 101. This workshop is for all parents in our district who would like to learn more about their schools Parent Advisory Councils “PAC”, (what is it, how does it work, where does the money come from, what to expect, benefits to joining a PAC committee or executive, how to organize, run meetings, manage finances, manage volunteer time, hot lunch programs, BC gaming grants, province wide resources and much more.

More information is coming soon, but we encourage everyone to SAVE THE DATE:

Thursday October 10      1pm      Pomeroy Sports Centre

With a second repeat session at:

Thursday October 10      6 pm     Pomeroy Sports Centre (food provided)

For more information or to confirm your attendance please e-mail

Parents of unvaccinated B.C. children must speak to health staff under new reporting program

Parents who choose not to vaccinate their school-age children in B.C. will be required to speak with public health staff as part of a new, mandatory immunization reporting program beginning this fall, according to the education ministry. For more on this, please click the following link.

Here is another link for parents to visit .

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year at Bert Bowes Middle School! As an invaluable part of our support team, we look forward to working with you to assist your child during their learning journey! We believe that a supportive partnership with each family can promote a positive experience for each student during their time with us! 

We welcome parent involvement in our school, so let us know if you would like to volunteer!  PAC meetings take place at 9:30am on the last Wednesday of each month.  If you’re able to join us, your input would be appreciated.  Whether you are able to attend these meetings or not, if you would like to receive the meeting minutes, please email Jennifer Cullen ( and ask to be added to the PAC email list.

As a Middle School we have an on-campus policy, which means that once students arrive at the school they are expected to stay on-campus throughout the day.  This is to ensure the health and safety of your child, as we are not able to provide supervision for those who leave campus.

At Bert Bowes, we believe nutrition is strongly related to good overall health and success in learning!  Therefore, we are pleased to offer a quality food program for your child through our canteen. We anticipate that this program will begin on September 11th, 2019.  Until this time, please plan on sending a lunch with your child.  Detailed information regarding the menu will be posted on the school website at  Please note, we will not be permitting any outside food vendors (eg. Skip the Dishes, various pizza business, etc.) to deliver to Bert Bowes. 

If you should need to sign your child out during the school day, for their safety and security, please sign them out at the office when you pick them up.  As well, we need you to sign them back in when you return them to the school

In advance, I would like to take this time to thank you for your support this year in ensuring the best possible learning opportunities for your child! I look forward to getting to know them during their time with us!


Jason Gill

Principal, Bert Bowes Middle School

Bell Schedule ~ 2019-2020

Bert Bowes Middle School will be using a new Bell Schedule this year. Please download a copy for your student. We will be posting the new schedule around the building as well as giving a copy to students to update their personal BBMS Agenda.