Students Attending School~Parent Update

Please ensure you and your student have read it and are aware of the safety procedures while attending school inside the building. Thank you.

Prior to 8:45am
~Entry and exit will be through the front doors of the school.
~All occupants disinfect hands prior to entering the building.
~Students go to the gym and are spaced at tables by supervisors and wait for announcement from Administration
~ALL travel in the building is along the right hand side of the hallway/stairwells.

After 8:45am
~Students go immediately to their period 1/TAG classroom
~Travel is along the right hand side of the hallway/stairwells.
~Teachers to direct students to their desks upon entry through classroom ENTRANCE
~Bathroom and water bottle station use during class time ONLY. NOTE: students need to bring a water bottle from home, as all fountains are shut off. The water bottle fill station in the student lounge is the only option for water throughout the day.
Bathroom~Capacity is a maximum of 2 occupants.
~Lineup outside of bathroom until space is available
Fountain use~line up in student lounge using spacing provided
~At the end of class, announcement made for Grade Movement to next period
~Students leave through the classroom EXIT (where available) to avoid congestion
~Travel along right hand side of hallway/stairwell to period 2.
Period 2 repeats Period 1 processes.

Lunch time
~Lunches are staggered to avoid overlap. Announcement made for grade 7 travel to the gym.
~All students eat in the gym unless a teacher invites them to stay for lunch
~Lunch time activities will follow social distancing protocols at all times
~Grade 7’s will return to classroom prior to announcement for 8/9 lunch. Finish
Lunch activity and/or move into TAG activities
~Grade 8/9’s will begin lunch routine in the gym unless teacher invites them to stay for lunch
~Travel along right hand side of hallway/stairwell to TAG and/or period 3.
Periods 3 and 4
~Afternoon classes will replicate the morning classes and transitions.

~Dismissal will have a staggered release with an immediate exit of all students. Grade by grade.
~Transportation safety protocols followed by students upon entry into bus

BBMS Return to Middle School Parent Survey

On June 1, 2020, we will be moving to Stage 3 of the BC Education Restart Plan. This will mean a partial return to in-school instruction for some students. At the middle school level, this will be up to ONE day per week for most students. Parents have the option of sending their children to school. Remote learning will continue but the volume and contact may be reduced.

In order to help us prepare, we have a few important questions. The information collected will assist us in our planning for the part-time return to in-class instruction beginning on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Please ensure you have completed the survey by Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

We will be sending a parent letter after the survey with information about health & safety procedures, and other important information about how the partial return to school will look, and what items your child should bring with them.

Students returning to school will be expected to follow all health and safety requirements at all times.

Bitmoji House Points Results

The first two weeks of online Spirit Challenges here are the results: 

Spirit Week online was low in participation but our Bitmji Staff Guess was high in participation.  Gold House had the most participants.  Way to go! 

TOP THREE GUESSERS: (receiving BBMS swag)

1. Hailey Shipley guessing 24/25 Bitmojis

2. Shayne Turner guessing 23/25 Bitmojis

3. Hope McCabe guessing 22/25 Bitmojis

Gold: 1887 points

Black: 1715 points

Blue: 1634 points

Red: 1573 points

Staff Bitmoji Contest

BBMS Staff Bitmoji Contest
See if you can figure out who all the BBMS Staff are from their Bitmoji’s. There will be house points awarded for every correct answer AND there will be BBMS swag PRIZES for the BBMS student with the best score! DRAWINGS will be for BBMS swag (3 prizes in total).
DEADLINE: FRIDAY May 15 @ 4:00pm

Submit your answers via this link:

BBMS “Family Field Trip”

Many Bert Bowes staff were out front on the lawn / sidewalk this Wednesday, May 13th @ noon to wave at students and their family as they drove past the school on a Family Field Trip! Thank you to all of the families that came for a visit…it was great to see those smiling faces again.