Bert Bowes Middle School is a Gr. 7-9 school located in the community of Fort St. John, near the beautiful Peace River Valley. We enroll a population of 539 students and offer a French Immersion program and a Band program. Our school has a staffing compliment of 25 teachers, 2 counsellors, a part-time librarian and 9 support staff as well a principal and vice principal. We enjoy itinerant access to a range of services such as a learning resource disability teacher, teacher for visually impaired, school psychologist, ELL specialist teacher and teacher for deaf/hard of hearing.

Some themes that characterize our school are a commitment to student-centered learning, and a focus on collaborative planning. We have an active Parent Advisory Committee and a supportive parent community. This year our school will be focusing on developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our students and social responsibility skills. Some exciting dimensions of the school are our Leadership, Peer Helping, At-Risk Students and Reading Intervention programs. Our school also offers an extensive extra-curricular program including volleyball, basketball, x-country running, track and field and golf.

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