Just a Couple Reminders

As a Middle School we have an closed-campus policy, which means that once students arrive at the school they are expected to stay on-campus throughout the day.  This is to ensure the health and safety of your child, as we are not able to provide supervision for those who leave campus. NOTE: If you should need to sign your child out during the school day, for their safety and security, please sign them out at the office when you pick them up inside the building.  As well, we need you to sign them back in when you return them to the school. Your assistance with this ensures their safety and security.

With that, we want to remind parents that our back parking lot is a busy place and we ask that you not deliver/pick up your child at that location. With the daylight hours getting shorter, and district vehicles regularly moving in and out of that area, we want to ensure everyone’s safety. As well, any extra vehicles in that space can disrupt those personnel that are trying to get to their locations. Drop off and Pick-up areas are along the Bert Bowes track area as well as our front parking lot area. Again, we appreciate your assistance with this.