BBMS Google “Calendar of Events” Reminder…

Don’t forget that our BBMS “Calendar of Events” is located under the “News & Events” tab at the top of the screen. There, you’ll find all of our important dates listed so you won’t miss anything.

As well, we want to stay connected with our families throughout the school year and we try to do this through various means of communication: 

  • All of our posts on our webpage are automatically uploaded to our Facebook page so make sure to follow us~@sd60bbms     
  • We have a slideshow of pictures and events on our site~showcasing the same messages for our students here in the building on our monitors in the lounge.
  • Bert Bowes Instagram Page~bertbowesmiddleschool ~ Daily/Weekly/Monthly ‘photo dumps’ and ‘flash’ reminders are shared through our Instagram page so make sure to follow us.