COVID Update for BBMS Families

With the return to classes scheduled for next week, we wanted to update all parents and students of BBMS on the Safety Guidelines that will be revisited starting on Monday, January 10th.

  • Before school, students can enter the building but are to travel only to the washroom or to their TAG classes. We will not be permitting students to meet in the halls or lounge to keep congestion down.
  • Inside the building, students are reminded to travel along the right-hand side of the hallways and to avoid stopping to meet with others.
  • Mask use is very important and we ask parents to ensure that their child knows about the importance of wearing their mask while at school. Prior to the break, we needed to remind many to put it on as well as wearing it appropriately.   Please ensure that your child is coming to school with at least one mask, as we are quickly running out of our disposable ones.
  • Transitions between classes will be shorter than before, as we are looking to reduce the congestion in the hallways.  Transitions will be done by grade, with announcements for each group to move/wait.
  • Lunchtimes at the canteen will look different, as we only have a small space for students to line up in. Thus, we will be only opening up the canteen to those looking to buy “Meals” (main + drink) and not simply a drink or a snack. Students should be coming to school with those items from home. As well, we ask students to bring a water bottle to use at the fill stations to avoid the long line-ups/congestion around the canteen.
  • End-of-the-day dismissal will resemble what it was before the winter break, with individual grades being dismissed one at a time.
  • Visitors to BBMS are restricted to only those necessary to support educational activities and wellbeing. If you need to speak to someone at the school, we ask you to contact the office (250-785-6717).