“We Stand Together” Aboriginal Awareness

The Students for Change group has organized Aboriginal Awareness weeks “We Stand Together” with all funds going to Free the Children Pillar Initiatives. Check out more information at: http://www.freethechildren.com/get-involved/campaigns/we-stand-together/


Feb. 23- March 6 – each morning over the announcements there will be an Aboriginal trivia question. 100 points will be awarded for every correct answer given by a TAG.
Feb. 24- Bannock for sale in the morning and at lunch “We Bake for Change”
March 3 – each TAG will be given materials to create their own “talking stick.”  Talking sticks are used culturally in circle talks.  TAG’s will create their own unique stick.
March. 6 – Spirit of the Peace dancers will be performing their trade during second period. Some of our students will be dancing!March 6 – An exhibit of Aboriginal artifacts will be in the library for walk through during lunch.
Aboriginal Hand Games may also be taught to classes.