January 15, 2015


To All Parents and Students of BBMS:



January 19 – 30, 2015



This year at Bert Bowes, we are working hard to upgrade our student’s aging laptops to new Samsung Chromebooks. The Chromebook looks and feels like a laptop, but is designed to get things done faster, easier, more secure and at an affordable price. They combine the capabilities of a laptop and a tablet to make them the perfect tool to help our students learn and stay technologically advanced! Mr. Hart has purchased some new Chromebooks already for use in the classroom, but his budget is only so big.


The PAC at Bert Bowes has decided to hold a “Toonies-4-Technology” drive from January 19 – 30, 2015, to raise funds and help purchase more Chromebooks for use in the school. The students will be able to donate their Toonies every morning in their TAG class. The class with the most Toonies collected by the end of the day on January 30th wins a pizza party on February 5th!


Please clean out your change containers and send those Toonies to school!


Thank you for your support!!


Bert Bowes PAC

Kari Brown-John