Open House and Grade 7 Wireless Writing Program

All Bert Bowes Parents are invited to a Meet-the-Teacher Open House this Thursday, September 12th between 4:00 and 6:00.  Snacks and refreshments will be provided in the student lounge by the PAC.

At 4:30 parents of students in grade 8 and 9 can meet the teachers in the gymnasium.  Parents of students in grade 7 will go to the classroom to meet the teacher and to inspect the laptop assigned to their child.  After the inspection, parents will fill out the necessary Wireless Writing Program forms.  If you can’t attend this session but still wish to inspect the laptop before signing the forms, you must schedule an appointment with Mr. Hart, Mrs. Phillips, or your child’s teacher by September 20th.

At approximately 5:30 pm, Mr. Hart and Mrs. Phillips will call parents and students to the gym for a short presentation.