Welcome to Bert Bowes Middle School

Welcome to the 2010-11 school year at Bert Bowes Middle School.  This is our first year as a middle school and we are looking forward to many exciting changes and opportunities.

The school year doesn’t officially start until Tuesday, September 7th but many new Grade 7 and 8 students came to school yesterday to start the year off with a BANG!  The new students were introduced to the school as part of the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Program.  WEB is a middle school transition program that welcomes students and helps to make them feel at home for their first year at the new school.  To learn more about WEB, please visit www.boomerangproject.com/web.

On behalf of the Bert Bowes Middle School Staff, I would like to thank Mr. Hosker, Mrs. Blackmon and the Grade 9 WEB Leaders for making the day a huge success in welcoming the new students and creating a culture of safety and caring.

Mr. Hart

Bert Bowes Middle School Principal