Some Quick Tips for Supporting your BBMS Student at Home

We know that this is the start of the second week of learning at home, and there are possibly some things that might need some ‘tweaking’ and/or fine tuning! Here are 10 quick tips for supporting your student at home:

  1. Identify and share with your child the non-negotiable items that must be done for the day or the week.
  2. Create a daily schedule.
  3. Break the day down into 20 minute tasks. This helps make the day go by faster.
  4. Beyond the assignments given by the school, have your child work on other critical skills.This can include manners, kindness, writing Letters, cooking, creating a game to play, sewing, ironing, and basic car repair.
  5. As hard as it might be, limit gaming time.
  6. Set up a daily reward system for completed task.
  7. Find funny videos and share them as a family and/or do 10 positive things a day.
  8. Keep tasks short and easy to accomplish.
  9. Be honest and open about what is going on and why.
  10. When things are crazy just ask “Do you want me to Listen, React, or Solve?