Informal Progress Reports

October is Informal Reporting month.  Teachers will be making informal reports to parents for each student they teach.  Teachers will be sending these reports on or before October 29th.  Informal reports are intended to keep parents up to date with regard to what their student is able to do and what areas of learning require further attention or development.  Teachers may also report on the ways they are supporting the student’s learning needs or ways the student or parents might support the learning.  This is an important link between home and the school and can take a variety of forms, such as:

– telephone calls

– written interim reports

– conferences (parent-teacher, three-way, student-led, etc.)

Please speak with your son or daughter about written interim reports.  Many teachers use this format and request that students take them home to get signed.  If you have not heard about the progress of your student by the end of the month, please contact the school.

The first formal report card for the school year will be sent home on November 25th.

– Mr. Hart