Let’s Talk Science

All Bert Bowes students and parents are invited to the “Let’s Talk Science Design Challenge and Career Fair”.  The event will take place at Bert Bowes on June 11th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.  Free Pizza and drinks will be provided as well as prizes for the competition.  This event is sponsored by Shell Canada.  The “Let’s Talk Science” group has visited our school earlier in the year and will be once again working with some of our science class on June 9th and 11th.  Click the following link to  learn more about “Let’s Talk Science“.

“Let’s Talk Science” has requested the assistance of any interested parents for the evening.   They would like help with the supervision of student in the gym and the serving of pizza.  Please contact the school at 250-785-6717 if you can help.

Career Fair Invite Poster

Mystery Design Challenge Invite Poster