Parenting in the time of COVID-19

To help parents interact constructively with their children during this time of confinement, we have added a drop-down menu item to our “Parents” tab (above) with some tips for parents that cover planning one-on-one time, staying positive, creating a daily routine, avoiding bad behaviour, managing stress, and talking about COVID-19. Use them to your and your kids’ advantage, and have fun in doing so.

Stop-Motion Logo Contest

Looking for something fun to do during your spare time? How about winning a prize for doing something fun? Using the Bulldog image below, make a stop motion video in whatever creative way you want…cut it up/put it back together/add some paint to it…the sky’s the limit!!! Submit your final creation before the end of the month. We’ll put them all on display and let the judging begin. The winning submission will be awarded a Bert Bowes ‘swag’ item on May 8th!!!
All submissions will be on display throughout May and June on the webpage Slideshow! Have fun and good luck.

Some Quick Tips for Supporting your BBMS Student at Home

We know that this is the start of the second week of learning at home, and there are possibly some things that might need some ‘tweaking’ and/or fine tuning! Here are 10 quick tips for supporting your student at home:

  1. Identify and share with your child the non-negotiable items that must be done for the day or the week.
  2. Create a daily schedule.
  3. Break the day down into 20 minute tasks. This helps make the day go by faster.
  4. Beyond the assignments given by the school, have your child work on other critical skills.This can include manners, kindness, writing Letters, cooking, creating a game to play, sewing, ironing, and basic car repair.
  5. As hard as it might be, limit gaming time.
  6. Set up a daily reward system for completed task.
  7. Find funny videos and share them as a family and/or do 10 positive things a day.
  8. Keep tasks short and easy to accomplish.
  9. Be honest and open about what is going on and why.
  10. When things are crazy just ask “Do you want me to Listen, React, or Solve?

Deputy Minister’s Bulletin~April 7th

Parent Resources:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the public include updates today about marks, assessments and graduation, ensuring consistency with information provided previously in the K-12 sector Q/As.
• Resources for parents and guardians:
o The Ministry’s Keep Learning website provides learning resources and supports for K-12
students while in-class instruction is suspended.
o B.C.’s COVID-19 website provides up-to-date non-clinical information on COVID-19 is also
• British Columbians can also use the new provincial phone service by calling 1-888-COVID19, available seven days a week from 7:30AM to 8:00PM, with information in over 110 languages. Specific public health questions re: COVID-19 should be directed to your local health authority for response.

COVID-19 Wellness Resource For Families…or just food for thought!

We wanted to remind parents that we have a variety of resources for parents located in the “Parents” tab at the top of the page. Today, we have included a new resource which is more of a ‘food for thought‘ article shared by a US psychologist ~”Mental Health Wellness Tips For Quarantine”. There are lots of useful tips to consider…for you, your child(ren), for all of us really!

BBMS Update – April 6th

Hello BBMS School Community:

We would like to begin by saying we appreciated your patience and understanding last week while teaching staff collaborated and planned on their continuation of learning plans for the weeks and months ahead! I would also like to publicly thank the staff for their incredible work in putting together their new lesson plans for the weeks ahead!

Teachers have been connecting online with students today and rolled out a ‘soft start’ for their classes. This new ‘classroom’ is one that is, for many, very new and requires some instruction regarding online safety and how to be a good digital citizen (parents are encouraged to go though our district document located under the “Students” tab at the top of the page). We know that parents are curious about some of the delivery methods and so we have included a Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom, as this is something that many of our teachers are using (see below in a previous post). Teachers will be sharing more with students in emails and Classroom updates, so we would like to encourage a schedule for students to check emails at the beginning and end of each day to ensure they have not missed any updates! On that same note, we would also like to encourage parents to build a daytime schedule for their student(s) as this is something that they are used to using during ‘normal’ school days! In the days ahead, we will post some instructional items for working with Google Calendar along with other Google applications~stay tuned for more on that! We would like to encourage parents to frequently check their emails and messaging systems, as our office will also be sending out emails and automated phone messages to parents in the days ahead.

Update for today~the first day of appointments for parents to collect locker items. It was a fairly streamlined event with parents following our safety protocols outside of the gym doors! Our staff has appreciated your understanding as we have taken the time to create an efficient and safe process. We ask that parents/guardians continue to contact Jennifer Cullen at the school office (250) 785-6717 to book an appointment to pick up personal items from their child’s locker.

Reminder to those parents who have not contacted the school with regards to internet access for their student, we have a message (see previous posts below) that includes a Google Form for parents to fill out (2 minutes to complete). We will use the data to determine how teachers will communicate with students during the last three months of school.

We appreciate your patience,

BBMS Administration