Grade 6’s Coming to Bert Bowes

Our counsellors and grade 9 leadership students will be visiting all of our elementary feeder schools in the upcoming weeks to talk to our future grade 7 students about their transition to Bert Bowes Middle School. Parents, please watch for school information packages and registration forms coming home. Return completed registration forms to your student’s grade 6 teacher as soon as possible.

Here’s an electronic copy of our Grade 7 Calendar 2019 2020

Grade 7’s Going into Grade 8

Grade 7’s it’s your turn to start talking about what your grade 8 year will be like next year! Our counsellors will be coming by your classes in the next few days, so make sure your registration forms go home and come back right away so we can start planning for you. Click on the link to find remind yourself of all the important information Grade 8 Calendar 2019 2020

Grade 8 Course Selection Happening this Week

This week, grade 8’s going into grade 9 next year will be visited by our counsellors to talk about the changes they will encounter next year and start thinking about the elective courses they would like to take. Parents, please watch for a package of paper work coming home this week. Registration forms and course selections will be due back to the office on Wednesday April 10th.

Here is all of the information future grade 9 students need to know:
Grade 9 Calendar 2019 2020

Bert Bowes Design and Community Day

Hello, Members of the Bert Bowes School Community!

Bert Bowes Middle School has conducted a bi-annual Design Challenge for the past three years. The focus of these Design Challenges is to expose students to real-world problems as a means of explicitly teaching communication skills and creative/critical thinking. The Design Challenges also give students a chance to work in multi-grade groupings to try and find the solution through trial and error and collaboration.

This year we have expanded the focus of our Design Challenge to not only provide authentic learning experiences in the realm of design but also to work on building relationships within the greater community. The day is now called Community Day. There is tremendous value for our students on building a pathway between the school and community connections. We see the wealth of expertise from individuals, such as yourself within Fort St. John and would like to provide our students with authentic experiences and challenges. The other piece is intentional exposure to career pathways within the school setting.

We would like to invite you to bring your skills and experiences into Community Day. We would be looking for the following commitment:

  • Friday, May 24, 2019: 9:00-12:00 pm
  • Being the facilitator for 25 students with 1-2 teachers working with you as a support
  • Coming in with a Design Problem that can be solved or worked on for 2 hours
  • Any supplies needed to complete this problem. Supplies must allow for error
  • Instruction must be minimal and the bulk of the 2-hour block is to allow the students to interact with the problem

If this is of interest to you, please contact Vice Principal, Jen Harrison by phone (250-794-7063) or email ( We would like to thank you for your time, consideration, and care for our students.


The Bert Bowes Community Day Planning Group

Free Bert Bowes Student Breakfast

Good Day Bert Bowes Parents and Guardians:

Bert Bowes Middle School has been the fortunate recipient of a donation from Autographics Trim and Sign and Associates. This donation will be used to provide free breakfast to all Bert Bowes students on Mondays and Fridays. Students will be able to choose from the options of scrambled eggs, toast, english muffins, bagels, oatmeal, white milk, and juice. We are thankful for this opportunity and see this as an example of increasing student connectedness and building community.

Please let either Mr. Hart of myself know if you have any questions or concerns.


Ms. J. Harrison