Thanks for the RAK


These wonderful ladies from Shell brought in coffee and treats for all of our staff. Thanks for the Random Act of Kindness! Everyone here greatly enjoyed the afternoon pick-me-up.

New Grade 7’s Parent Orientation Night

All parents and students entering into grade 7 in September are invited to attend the Parent Orientation Night at Bert Bowes from 5-6 pm on Wednesday June 8th. Meet the teachers here at Bert Bowes and familiarize yourself with the school. The evening will start off in the gym.

Grade 7 Course Calendar

Student support teachers and WEB students will be visiting Taylor, Baldonnel, Charlie Lake, CM Finch, and Central during the next two weeks to meet with the grade 6 students coming to Bert Bowes next year. Grade 6 students will be receiving a course calendar booklet and registration forms to be reviewed and filled out with their parents.

Attached is a course calendar for future grade 7 students. Extra registration forms must be picked up at Bert Bowes’ office.
Grade 7 Calendar 2016 2017

Grade 8 and 9 Course Calendars

All current grade 7 and 8 students have now received course calendars and registration forms for next year. Please review the information and fill out all of the required information on the registration form. The registration forms should be completed and handed into the office ASAP. If your son/daughter currently attends Bert Bowes but will be moving next year, please inform the office. Attached are course calendar booklets for future grade 8 and 9 students.

Grade 9 Calendar 2016 2017

Grade 8 Calendar 2016 2017

Digital Safety and Responsibility Education

The school continues its efforts to educate our students about digital safety and responsibility. On June 10, we will host “The White Hatter” presentation for all students. This is an Internet/Social Media and Digital Literacy Education presentation for teens by Personal Protection Systems Inc. For more information, please visit;


We would like to share a resource with parents to help you teach your children about these issues as well. A copy of “Parenting Tweens and Teens in the Digital World” from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection will be sent home this Wednesday with each Grade 7 and 8 student. If you didn’t receive the educational booklet for parents and wish to have a copy, please pick one up at the office. More information can be found at

My Strength Is Not For Hurting – Daniel Vecchio Student Presentations

Daniel Vecchio will be in School District 60 during the week of May 16th.  He will present to our Grade 8 and 9 students on May 18th.  Daniel’s presentation raises awareness of the issues related to abuse and violence towards women.  Please contact the school should you have any questions.

Daniel will also offer a parent presentation from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the Band room on May 18th.   The band room is located at the south exit of the school.

Daniel Vecchio – Saving our Boys (Parent Presentation)

Saving our Boys- our duty of care

Parent Presentation – Bert Bowes Band Room (south side of school)

May 18th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm

How nurturing our boys’ emotional health, especially in the classroom, must be foundational for all teachers and parents.

In this workshop, teachers and parents will learn how fundamentally important it is to engage and nurture the boys in our schools to find their emotional voice (emotional literacy.) The research is abundant about what happens to far too many boys who are emotionally illiterate (just look at the stats around violent crime, sexual crime and harassment, incarcerations, boy suicide, substance abuse, drop-out rates, and achievement in school)- the data is very disturbing; clearly we need to re-think how we “behave with and react to” boys during their school experiences. Far too many boys believe that the only acceptable emotions for them in our society are anger and aggression; far too often these boys grow up to be men who are angry and aggressive. Our boys carry with them the invisible code of “manhood” and it is an impossible for any of them to live up to this cultural creation of a masculinity that still values and encourages boys to use power, strength, domination and control over others; a culture that does not nurture boys to express a broad array of healthy emotions so that they can live full and happy lives.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn how and why boys are getting a “raw deal” in schools and what they can do in their school communities and with the partnership of parents, to raise emotionally healthy boys who grow into healthy men.