Final Farewell~Grade 9 Students

At the end of their middle school years grade 9 students normally meet with their teachers on the last day of classes to collect report cards, get yearbooks signed, and share their final farewells prior to moving on to high school! With the challenges following spring break, however, things are less than normal for students and may have left some feeling like there’s something missing. With that in mind, we will be sending out a special invitation to our grade 9’s later this week inviting them to a VIP visit with their teachers on Wednesday, June 24th where they can say a final farewell as well as picking up a keepsake for their time spent with us! In the invitation, we will be asking for students to reply to the RSVP. As well, we will be sharing times for groups to visit so there’s no overlap which would create an unsafe situation during this time of social distancing.

We hope to see as many as possible join us so we can celebrate them and their achievements while they were a Bulldog!!!

BBMS Track & Field Improvements

Bert Bowes Middle School has undergone improvements to the outdoor track area over the last 10 months. If you’ve driven by the school you have, no doubt, seen large pieces of equipment working as well as workers rolling out sod on the inner field. This improvement will be felt by many students in the District, as BBMS plays host to the annual SD 60 Track & Field Meet every spring!

Our Bert Bowes Parent Advisory Council is working to enhance the track area further with the addition of an asphalt surface to the track itself, along with the approach area for the long jump/triple jump pit. We have attached a letter outlining the proposal as well as showcasing the need for donations to assist in the improvements. For more information, please email the PAC at

Year End Update For Parents

Dear BBMS Parents/Guardians:

With the end of a very different school year coming to a close, we are hopeful that we can return to some sense of ‘normal’ in the near future.  On behalf of the Bert Bowes staff, we would like to thank you for your support and understanding while we navigate through these challenging times together. Some important information to consider as we conclude…

The final day for students will be Friday, June 19, 2020.  During the week of June 22nd to 24th, only those students who were invited to come in to complete projects or outstanding work will be required to come in. 

We ask that all textbooks and library books be returned to the school as soon as possible for yearend storage. As well, If you have borrowed a Chromebook from the school, please return the device and charger as soon as possible.

Please read the attached letter regarding yearbook delivery, pick-up and the NEW Free Digital Signing Feature.

If you have not purchased a yearbook – no problem you still can take advantage of the Free Digital Signing Feature. Unfortunately we DO NOT have yearbooks for sale at this time.

To best follow density and physical distancing expectations from the Ministry of Education and Provincial Health Officer, Bert Bowes will be distributing Report Cards electronically. Attached below is a letter from Mr. Jarrod Bell (Director Of Instruction for SD. 60) outlining the process for parents. 

If you have any plans for the Fall that we should be made aware of, please contact the school as soon as possible so we can make plans for these changes. Please note, the school will be closed for the summer from June 26th to August 31st. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office. 

Have a safe and relaxing summer with your children!

Bert Bowes Middle School Administration

Bitmoji House Points Results

The first two weeks of online Spirit Challenges here are the results: 

Spirit Week online was low in participation but our Bitmji Staff Guess was high in participation.  Gold House had the most participants.  Way to go! 

TOP THREE GUESSERS: (receiving BBMS swag)

1. Hailey Shipley guessing 24/25 Bitmojis

2. Shayne Turner guessing 23/25 Bitmojis

3. Hope McCabe guessing 22/25 Bitmojis

Gold: 1887 points

Black: 1715 points

Blue: 1634 points

Red: 1573 points

Staff Bitmoji Contest

BBMS Staff Bitmoji Contest
See if you can figure out who all the BBMS Staff are from their Bitmoji’s. There will be house points awarded for every correct answer AND there will be BBMS swag PRIZES for the BBMS student with the best score! DRAWINGS will be for BBMS swag (3 prizes in total).
DEADLINE: FRIDAY May 15 @ 4:00pm

Submit your answers via this link: